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The Adeptus Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus characters

Delphan Gruss

Tech-Priest Tezla

The Adeptus Mechanicus
The Cult Mechanicus holds a virtual monopoly on technology, its own tenets and beliefs permeating through their rituals into the common superstition of Imperial citizens. Although often compared to vast factories, as much as half of a forge world owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus is primarily given over to huge repositories of technical knowledge. These immense libraries and databanks of information are highly eclectic and disorganised, so that one may find a crystal storage device containing information on biogenetic engineering next to a scroll covered with designs for steam locomotives. The Techpriests jealously guard their independence and it is a rash or brave Inquisitor who dares to interfere with or investigate the Mechanicus on one of their own forge worlds. Techpriests are a holy order, who worship the Machine God and the intimate knowledge of technology that he holds. The lowest ranks of Techpriest have mainly maintenance and construction duties, but as a Tech-adept progresses and acquires greater knowledge, he is relieved from day to day tasks to study ancient texts and learn the greatest mysteries and techniques. Thus, the Adeptus Mechanicus endeavours to maintain this position of absolute knowledge and authority, and a Techpriest who feels that this is threatened will go to any lengths to protect his power, including murder, extortion, kidnapping, sabotage and terrorism.
To the Techpriests, flesh is merely an inconvenience; weak and frail in comparison to the mighty pistons, gears and chains of machinery. It must be sustained artificially beyond a certain point and, if one is to make most use of it, much of it needs replacing by newly grown parts or, more preferably, manufactured limbs, organs and systems. Their brains incorporate devices known as memo chips, ingrams or electrografts, which allow their memories to store an incredible amount of information and access it quickly. They are often fitted with a variety of neural plugs which allow them to ‘jack in’ to the network of a terminal or machine, becoming part of its operating or control system. It is not uncommon for the most senior Techpriests to have entire limbs replaced with more functional devices, such as lifting arms, augur arrays and weapons. The most aged of the Adeptus Mechanicus are many, many centuries old, kept alive by horrifically produced anti-agapic elixirs which nourish the few parts of mortal flesh left on their bodies, although the wealth of knowledge and experience crammed into their brains has entirely divorced them from reality and driven them mad.

Adeptus Mechanicus Characters
Equipment: The Adeptus Mechanicus is very strict about any access to technology, however their storage facilities contain all manner of captured or experimental weapons and devices. A Techpriest would probably not have access to Exotic or Legendary equipment, while a Magos certainly will. Any member of the Adeptus Mechanicus would be wary of using any form of alien technology, fearing that such contact would taint them.

Special Abilities: There are no particular special abilities associated with agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus, although all such characters receive +20% to any checks relating to using or disabling machinery, locks, etc.

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
Techpriest 60 50 45 60 65 70 75 60 60
Magos 70 55 55 65 75 80 90 85 85

Random Adeptus Mechanicus Profiles
Techpriest 50+2d10 55+1d10 35+3d6 50+2d10 60+1d10 60+2d10 70+2d6 55+2d6 50+2d10
Magos 60+2d10 55+2d10 45+3d6 55+2d10 65+2d10 65+3d10 80+3d10 75+2d10 75+3d6